Irina's Euro EstheticsIrina’s Euro Esthetics Clinic specialize in skin care treatments and also an eye care and body care. Most of my clients are women but men and teenagers are also welcome and may benefit from our regimen, too.
My goal is to bring the skin to a superior level of improvement by triggering corrective actions and stimulating the skin for greater receptivity to the elective clinical treatments and daily home care programs.
I work closely with each client to develop a skin care plan that will help them achieve their goals.

I know what it takes to make your skin healthy and glowing, with quality products and services guaranteed.

Irina Tchernychova

Irina Tchernychova is a qualified professional Skin Care Therapist. Since 1997 she is a founder and operator of her own business “Irina’s Euro Esthetics Clinic” (Montreal and Vancouver).

Dr. Tchernychova earned her Medical Degree at the Medical University of Vladivostok (Russia) in 1986. She also holds a Diploma in Advanced Esthetics at Tiffany School of Advanced Esthetics and Electrolysis Inc. (Canada). She is a member  of the Cosmetology Industry Association of British Columbia.

Irina Tchernychova is a certified G.M.Collin Esthetician is a trained professional who has chosen to recommend treatments and products formulated according to the principles of active cosmetology that is, treatments and products capable of corrective action.

Having worked 12 years in hospital Dr. Tchernychova integrated her knowledge and expertise in her own practice.